Morse & The Last Endeavour: A Masterpiece Mystery! Special premieres July 3rd on PBS MASTERPIECE

Human Footprint premieres July 5th on PBS Documentaries

Grantchester Season 8 premieres July 9th on PBS MASTERPIECE

Molly of Denali: Wise Raven and Old Crow premieres 

July 14th on PBS KIDS

The Great American Recipe Season 2 continues weekly on 

PBS Documentaries and PBS Living

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This July, we have a range of titles to keep the whole family entertained. While school is out, you can keep the kids busy with Molly of Denali: Wise Raven and Old Crow on PBS KIDS while you catch up on your new favorite series like Grantchester Season 8 and The Paris Murders Season 6 on PBS MASTERPIECE. There will also be a great Summer Movie Carousel on PBS KIDS featuring exciting and educational series and specials for kids to enjoy while school’s out of session. In celebration of National Culinary Arts Month, be sure to check out The Great American Recipe Season 2 on PBS Documentaries and PBS Living.

PBS Distribution proudly distributes world-class dramas, including exclusive foreign language content from Walter Presents and adaptations of beloved literary classics, mysteries, and provocative contemporary works for $5.99 a month on PBS MASTERPIECE; content from the top ranked children’s educational media brand in the United States and undisputed leader in children’s programing, PBS KIDS, for $4.99 a month; a robust library of critically acclaimed, thought-provoking films, including the entire Ken Burns collection on PBS Documentaries for $3.99 a month; an eclectic range of programming for every passion and hobby on PBS Living for $2.99 a month. Click here for more information on the services provided by each PBS Prime Video Channel. 

See below for what is coming to the PBS Prime Video Channels this June. For any screener requests, please contact pbsd@mprm.com. Enjoy!

Morse & The Last Endeavour: A Masterpiece Mystery! Special

(Premiering July 3rd)

This documentary tells the story of Endeavour Morse – the brilliant but troubled Oxford detective who becomes a sometimes morose, intellectual crime fighter with a thirst for real ale and a love of opera and cryptic crosswords. Celebrate what has made the stories and TV films such a success! Warning! Contains spoilers for Endeavour, Season 9.

Grantchester Season 8

(Premiering July 9th)
TV Series

Will’s life has changed for the better, but his world is about to be rocked by a terrible accident. He’s always preached the word of a compassionate God–but how can he do that now? Both Will and Geordie find themselves in unfamiliar, emotional waters and murder is always around the corner. As they explore faith, forgiveness, and redemption, Will and Geordie will be tested to the limit. 

The Paris Murders Season 6

(Premiering July 28th)
TV Series

Five years after her abduction, Adele has moved out of Paris to escape the violent nature of being a police officer. But how long can she last without it? From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles.

Catch up on Endeavor Season 9 and Ridley, releasing weekly on PBS MASTERPIECE. 

You can currently binge Tom Jones and Season 1 of Marie Antoinette in its entirety. 

Additional new titles this month – The Accident Season 1 (July 7th), One Step From Heaven Season 1 (July 14th), Miss Friman’s War Season 1 (July 21st), and Top Dog Season 2 (July 28th)

Molly of Denali: Wise Raven and Old Crow

(Premiering July 14th)

Molly’s family goes on an epic river trip to a traditional Gwich’in village to celebrate their late Grandma Catherine. Getting there won’t be easy. Molly will need to listen to the land and connect with her culture to get them there safely.

Summer Movie Carousel

With young preschool and elementary children home for the summer, parents and educators can look to PBS KIDS for trusted entertainment on tap to help the little ones spark their curiosity, have fun,  learn and grow! The Summer Movie carousel includes 18 wonderful titles including kids’ favorite characters like Alma, Daniel Tiger, and the Wild Kratts. See the full list below:

Alma Goes to Puerto Rico, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Goes Camping, Wild Kratts: Amazin’ Amazon Adventure, Dinosaur Train: Adventure Island,The Berenstain Bears: Summer Vacation, Elinor Wonders Why: A Wonderful Journey, The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur, Wild Kratts: Cats & Dogs, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Visits a New Neighborhood, Pinkalicious: A Pinktastic Summer, Dinosaur Train: Explore Outdoors, Nature Cat: Backyard Explorer, It’s a Big Big World: On the Road S1, Molly of Denali: Molly and the Great One, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Visits the Farm, Arthur: Summer Stories, The Berenstain Bears: Fun & Games, PBS KIDS: Outdoor Adventures 

Additional new titles this month – Nature Cat Volume 15 (July 7th) and Work It Out Wombats Volume 4 and 5 (July 28th)

Human Footprint

(Available July 5th)
TV Series

Earth has never experienced anything like us: a single species dominating and transforming the planet. Biologist Shane Campbell-Staton travels the globe to explore our impact. Because while we may tell ourselves what it means to be human, the clearest vision of who we are emerges from what we do. In that way, Human Footprint tackles the biggest story of all – the story of who we really are.

Additional new titles to PBS Documentaries this month – The Accused: Damned or Devoted? (July 7th), McConnell, The GOP & The Court (July 11th), and Southern Storytellers (July 18th)

The Great American Recipe Season 2

(Finale August 7th)
TV Series – Available on PBS Documentaries and PBS Living

Join host Alejandra Ramos and judges Leah Cohen, Tiffany Derry and Graham Elliot as a new group of talented home cooks showcase signature dishes, share heartfelt stories and compete to win the national search for The Great American Recipe.


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