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Physical Goods

Our DVD and Blu-ray products are available in major retail stores and on e-commerce sites throughout North America, as well as through specialty markets, niche catalogs and museum stores. Retailers can connect with a sales representative and request access to our catalog of over 1,500 products at pbsdwholesale.org.

Our online store, ShopPBS, offers an incredible collection of public media-related DVD and Blu-ray products, as well as PBS-branded apparel and unique and inspiring gifts. Teachers and librarians will find special institutional editions and other media products with extended rights suitable for classroom use on our online shop, as well. Every purchase made at ShopPBS supports public television for all. Visit ShopPBS.org to see what’s new.

We also work with PBS to create effective fundraising programs that drive donations to local public media stations and feature our DVD and Blu-ray products as thank you gifts for donors.

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