Arlington, VA – March 11, 2021 – This March, brand new volumes of DONKEY HODIE, NATURE CAT and ODD SQUAD will arrive on the PBS KIDS Prime Video Channel. In DONKEY HODIE, Donkey overcomes her fears when sleeping outside under the stars, helps Duck Duck find her family treasure nest, and goes on other big adventures with her pals. In NATURE CAT, venture through strawberry fields and head out on a nature hike with the gang! And in ODD SQUAD, the Agents investigate weird and unusual phenomena around them when the Mobile Unit must get rid of a box containing villain powers!

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Families and kids can also stream full episodes of shows for free on PBS KIDS.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Fred Rogers Productions

Donkey Hodie, Volume 6

Streaming Date: March 25, 2022

In “A Night Out/Poetry Problem,” the pals are excited to sleep under the stars, but it’s Donkey’s first time sleeping outside. Can Panda and Duck Duck help her feel less afraid? And when Panda forgets his poetry notebook at Donkey’s house, Donkey has to find it inside her messy windmill before his poetry recital. In “Groovy Guitar/Treasure Nest,” Donkey’s guitar goes missing right before the talent show. Panda and Duck Duck help her look all around for it. Then, Duck Duck finally finds her family’s Treasure Nest, but can’t open it! She tries to look at the problem in a new way. Other episodes include “Being Bob Dog/Panda Panda” and “Swoop-a-rino/Duck Duck’s Great Adventure,” which features the classic Fred Rogers song “You’ve Got to Do it.”

Image Credit: Courtesy of Spiffy Entertainment, LLC © 2015

Nature Cat, Volume 12

Streaming Date: March 25, 2022

In “Sweet Symbiosis/Strawberry Fields Forever,” during a visit to the tidepool, Nature Cat and his pals meet a frightened little hermit crab named Bridget, who is hiding from a big scary octopus that tried to attack her. And while Nature Cat and his pals are enjoying a beautiful summer day at the strawberry farm, they get a call from their city friend Sadie, who love love LOVES strawberries. Then, in “More than a Monkey Wrench/Trailblazers,” it’s time for a nature hike – and you need to assemble your tools. But not so fast – Nature Cat swoops in with his brand-new Norwegian Navy Wrench. And Nature Cat and his pals are geared up for a hike on a new trail. But, what’s this? A bent tree? Other episodes include, “Hal the Duck/The Crow-lympics” and “What a Pearl/Wild Bee Motel.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Darren Goldstein

Odd Squad, Volume 17

Streaming Date: March 11, 2022

In “Odd Off The Press,” with Opal now fighting oddness with her sister, the Mobile Unit holds a press conference to introduce a new member. And when a group of villains causes oddness, it’s not a good time for The Big O to be heading off to space. Next, in “Box Trot/O for the Day,” the Mobile Unit is on a mission to get rid of a box containing villain powers. Then, when Mr. O from Seattle accidentally turns himself into a creature, the Mobile Unit is called in to help. Other episodes featured in Volume 17 include, “H2 Oh No/In Your Dreams” and “Mission O Possible/Nature of the Sandbeast.”


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