New Volumes of “Let’s Go Luna!,” “Molly of Denali,”

“Nature Cat” and “Cyberchase” Also Added to Channel

Arlington, VA – February 27, 2023 – This March, families can enjoy more episodes of “Odd Squad as Volume 19 arrives on the PBS KIDS PRIME VIDEO CHANNEL. In the new volume of the award-winning series, the Odd Squad face off against three villains who team up with Bonnie Blaster and her high-powered, oddness-causing gadget, and Jamie Jam and Marty Marmalade who are trading tips on how to avoid getting caught. And in a two-part special, the Odd Squad Mobile Unit works to stop a group of villains who want to steal an artifact from Headquarters. Also being added to the Channel is “Let’s Go Luna!, Volume 13,” “Molly of Denali, Volume 14,” “Nature Cat, Volume 14,” and “Cyberchase, Volume 14.”  

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Odd Squad

Image Credit: Courtesy of Fred Rogers Productions

Odd Squad, Volume 19

Streaming Date: March 31, 2023
Episodes: 5

First, three villains team up with Bonnie Blaster and her high-powered, oddness-causing gadget. Next, Jamie Jam and Marty Marmalade join forces  to trade tips to throw off the Agents and avoid getting caught. Then, globetrotting villain Stu Venir is turning monuments into keychains! The Agents must uncover a pattern to predict where he will strike next. And it’s Oswald’s birthday! After running into a Party Crasher creature, there are suddenly FOUR of him who seem identical. The Mobile Unit is called upon when a lost Baby Laser Chicken is found in the Austrian countryside, and when struck with oddness, the Odd Squad Timekeeper that keeps time for all the clocks around the world suddenly stops working. Also in this volume: Orla thought she was the only ancient Agent left, but when a distress call comes through, it’s clear that she was wrong. Ancient Agent Olando heads into the field with the Mobile Unit, and in a two-part special, the Odd Squad Mobile Unit must stop a group of villains who want to break into Headquarters to steal an artifact. Little do the Agents know, their greatest challenge will come from someone inside!

Cyber Chase

Image Credit: Courtesy of Thirteen Productions LLC.

Cyberchase, Volume 14

Streaming Date: March 3, 2023
Episodes: 4

The Northern Frontier ducks are off on their annual migration, and the CyberSquad join the flock! But with many obstacles along the way, will the ducks make it safely to their winter home? Next, a mysterious creature is trampling through Crestwood Park, leaving visitors too scared to enter. The CyberSquad investigate, and along the way, experience the wonders of nature, learning why it’s important to leave nature as you find it. Then, something is heating up the ocean waters of Coralina, harming its lush coral reef. With the help of an action hero crab, will the CyberSquad solve this underwater mystery before it’s too late? And Jackie wins the chance of a lifetime to apprentice with the incomparable fashion designer Fabio DeZine. Jackie quickly learns it takes more than just a pretty drawing to design something with real, sustaining impact.

Let's go Luna

Image Credit: Courtesy of 9 Story Media Group, Inc.

Let’s Go Luna!, Volume 13

Streaming Date: March 10, 2023
Episodes: 4

In Switzerland, Carmen breaks her favorite clock and must recall what she has learned about how clocks and watches work. And Leo loves “Swiss Cheese,” but becomes obsessed with finding out who or what is making the holes! Next, in Paris, France, Andy gets inspired by French movie-magic innovator George Méliès. And when Honey rides off in a helium balloon over Paris, worried Carmen and pals give chase. Then in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Andy is convinced his dad is a caveman, and Carmen is assigned the “joyful” task of cheering up her grumpy grandpa. Also in Dubrovnik, Leo, the kids, and Luna use a Tesla Coil to power Fabuloso’s broken reading-light hat and a perfect storm of misunderstanding and mistaken identity lead to Andy being accidentally recruited into a folkdance troupe.

Nature Cat

Image Credit: Courtesy of Spiffy Pictures Inc.

Nature Cat, Volume 14

Streaming Date: March 24, 2023
Episodes: 5

When Nature Cat comes across petrified wood, the gang is curious as to how it formed. Time to time travel to unravel the mystery! And the pals want to build a new clubhouse but buying new stuff hurts nature. Can the gang find a different way? Next, Squeeks doesn’t want to step down as Moss Queen. Uh oh! Can her old buddies create their own Moss Kingdom to get her back? And when leaf-moving machines threaten to ruin everyday life, the crew fights back. Can the small gang make a big change? Then, Nature Cat is squeamish around creepy-crawlies, but the Agents need to get to know a daddy longlegs to complete their mission. And a moon-munching monster is munching the moon. Oh no! Can our detectives launch to space and stop it? Next, the pals want their favorite sunflower to stick around a little longer, but the growing season is over! And when the gang gets lost during a treasure hunt, Nature Cat says to follow mossy trees home. But will his camping trick do the trick? Plus, it’s way too hot to complete Nature Cat’s Warrior Challenge! Can the gang find a way to cool off? And Nature Cat’s friend Screechy the screech owl is an expert at hide-and-go-screech. Can Nature Cat finally win a game with his friends’ help?

Molly of Denali

Image Credit:  Molly of Denali®/© 2022 WGBH Educational Foundation. All rights reserved. 

Molly of Denali, Volume 14

Streaming Date: March 24, 2023
Episodes: 3

In “The Qyah Ice Classic/The Great Qyah Clean Up,” spring is coming and soon the river ice will break, but when? All of Qyah is making their guesses, and the one that comes closest earns a special prize! Then, spring has sprung, and the whole village pitches in to clean up Qyah. Molly and Tooey discover a mystery piece of trash that turns out to be treasure. Next, in “Puppy Sitting/Big Dreams and Blue Skies,” while Tooey and his family are away in Japan, Trini offers to puppy-sit his newest sled dog.  Then, Molly is thrilled to learn about Ellen Paneok, who inspired her mom to become a pilot. Meanwhile, in “Sticker Shock/A Song for Lola”, Tooey’s brothers won’t stop using Tooey’s stuff! To keep track of who owns what, Tooey labels everything he can. And Vera’s Lola Miranda is coming back to Qyah on a visit from the Philippines, and Vera wants to surprise her with a special song.


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