Show Introduces Young Bilingual Mexican-American, Rosie Fuentes, and Her Multicultural Blended Family, Teaching Children About Their Community and the World

Arlington, VA – October 3, 2022 – This October, Prime Video members can stream the debut of the newest PBS KIDS animated program “Rosie’s Rules,” with the PBS KIDS PRIME VIDEO CHANNEL add-on subscription.  Streaming the largest collection of PBS children’s programming, the PBS KIDS PRIME VIDEO CHANNEL will now offer parents and children the newest addition of programming that encourages children’s learning and growth.  Twelve episodes of the series which aim at teaching children concrete social studies lessons about how a community works, helping them develop their awareness of themselves as individuals and as part of a broader society will drop on the Channel this October!

The PBS KIDS PRIME VIDEO CHANNEL offers 45 educational and entertaining shows and shorts for kids ages 2-8.  Children can watch anytime, anywhere on their favorite devices, making it the largest library of PBS KIDS programming to stream anywhere – all housed in one place. The subscription rate is $4.99/month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription. Every purchase supports public television for all. Families and kids can also stream full episodes of shows for free on PBS KIDS.

Rosie's Rules

Image Credit: Courtesy of  ©2021-2023 Ruby Productions Inc.

Rosie’s Rules: Volumes 1, 2 & 3

Streaming Date: October 3 & 28, 2022
Episodes: 12
Language: English

“Rosie’s Rules” is an animated preschool comedy series starring Rosie Fuentes, a bilingual 5-year-old Mexican-American girl just beginning to learn about the fascinating, baffling and thrilling world beyond her family! In her quest to make sense of life’s most mystifying concepts—like how the mail works, where stores get their food from, and when yesterday was—Rosie often launches herself (and others) into comic chaos. As she figures things out with help from her cousin Javi and her fluffy cat Gatita, the answers become Rosie’s Rules! Featuring a robust social studies curriculum that builds on a preschooler’s budding understanding of topics like maps, transportation and family traditions, viewers will develop an awareness of themselves as individuals and how a community works—all through the perspective of our adorable, funny star Rosie. 

In Volume 1 of “Rosie’s Rules,” Rosie finds out it’s Abuela’s birthday and she tries to send her a birthday party in the mail! Then, Tía needs someone to take care of Benito, her puppy. This sounds like the perfect job for Rosie the dog sitter. Plus, Rosie tries to find someone to be her twin, the Fuentes family enjoys an outdoor movie night and much more! Volume 2 has the Fuentes family indecisive about what sport to play, so they decide to hold a vote! Then, Rosie can’t figure out where to take Mom for Mother’s Day. Mom shows Rosie how to read symbols on a map. Plus, Papá and Tía’s Mariachi band is performing and Rosie jumps in to help, Rosie helps Crystal with her magic show and more.  In Volume 3, because of a power outage, Rosi and Javi can’t watch their movie. They learn how people did things before there was electricity! Then, a visit to the pet store for Crystal’s new bunny finds Rosie struggling to figure out what the bunny wants vs. what it needs. Plus, Rosie helps with the play at the community theater, Rosie tries to make Mom a snowy winter in the backyard and much more!


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